Derek Berry writes novels, poetry, and academic articles. His first novel The Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County will be published in the coming year by PRA Publishing. His first chapbook of poetry Skinny Dipping with Strangers is available through Amazon. He also blogs about his writing, life, and ideas.


He co-hosts and organizes Charleston youth-centered poetry movement The UnSpoken Word which features a variety of upcoming and established slam poets in various Charleston venues. The UnSpoken Word attempts to give voice to a variety of experiences and implement art to enact changes in coalition local activist movements, most notably the queer community. He also performs in venues and competes in slams across the US.

Derek Berry writes and performs in Charleston, SC where he attends The College of Charleston, majoring in Political Science and International Studies.

He hopes to continue to write fiction and poetry as well as to become an international diplomat.

If you’re interested in getting in touch or booking Derek for a show, please contact him here.


  1. You are awesome, Derek. I met you through NaNo and knew then you’d be somebody. I just purchased Skinny Dipping with Strangers. Can not wait to swim alongside you for a bit.

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