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As many of you know, I have written and am currently in the act of trying to sell a novel called Word Salad. If I haven’t blabbed about it to you, this is what it’s about:

“Sebastian Martinelli needs a new hobby. Some men enjoy carpentry. Others drive over the speed limit or shoot up heroin. They go out and get drunk and get into fights, just to feel alive.  They set fire to garbage bins or slit their wrists or poke lit cigarettes into their eyes.

Sebastian murders people.

WORD SALAD is a transgressive literary tale—think the intertwining story lines of Cloud Atlas with the abrasive storytelling of Chuck Palahniuk.

Escaped serial killer Sebastian wants to redeem himself; unfortunately, America knows him as a highly publicized sicko. But after killing the only woman he ever claimed to love, he decides that it’s not too late to return to America, to make things right. But making up for a life of gory debauchery may involve more than “I’m sorry.” If he wants to make things right to the people who he hurt, Sebastian may have to risk his life.

Sebastian’s story of redemption runs concurrently to details of his past, seen through the eyes of people whom he knew during his life such as a burned out jazz musician, an ex-mob member/stir fry cook, a childhood friend abused by his adopted father, and a Chicago detective working undercover as a maid in a brothel. After pushing a paraplegic bully down the stairs, Sebastian flees the orphanage he has always caused home to live in the slums of New Orleans where he begins to deal with the monster that is ruining his young life—himself.”

As part of a pre-publication marketing campaign, I am starting a blog and a twitter account and maybe later on, a facebook page (once I’ve acquired an agent). Until then, I think it would be fun to keep us this blog about the progress of the book. Also, other fun stuff. I hope you subscribe, and pretty soon, I hope I’ll have some great news regarding publication.


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