In the next few weeks, I’d like to post one blog a week about querying. Because it’s something I’m struggling to figure out. To master.

The funny thing about a query letter is that it is far more nerve-wracking than writing a novel. If not every single word in a novel is perfect, 1/120,000 ain’t so bad. But a query is short… this is your entire book crammed into about 300 words. Writing a synopsis was even harder for me.

But soon, I’ll be posting on how I went about learning to craft a query letter, what I hope agents will learn about my writing through my query letter, and how to deal with rejections to my query letter. If you’re trying to find an agent like me right now, I know it’s hard. Insane. A leap into a canyon.

It disturbs me when people ask me when I’m going to “send my book off to get published.” If you don’t write and have no real interest in navigating the publishing world, reading these posts may still be helpful. It might help you appreciate the strife of publication. Of query letters. Of agent guidelines. Of rejection.

So, I hope you learn something, and believe me, we’ll be learning together.


2 thoughts on “Querying

  1. What’s your book about? Do you have a query-submission plan of attack yet?

    My blog’s all about dealing with literary agent and literary journal rejections too. Maybe we can keep each other company while we wait. I’m posting submission response times so that other writers don’t have to wait in the dark anymore. Feel free to post how long it takes to hear back from particular agents, if you’re interested in helping keep count.

    Good luck with the process!

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