More Potter? Yes please

I woke up this morning at 5:30, just in case. I left the youtube page open. Just in case. I heard the announcement about

Pottermore. But I’m not sure what it means.

What I gleaned from the one minute video was that there is a new website on which we will have “a new reading experience.” What does that mean? Will she post stories on what occurs to other characters? Stories of Harry’s father or his children? And how exactly are we going to help shape that? Well, the video was titillating, but only left me wanting more information. The website won’t be fully up until October, so the full details may have to wait until then.

Also, I have heard rumors that Pottermore will mimic World of Warcraft, but of course, in the Harry Potter universe. Which makes me uber excited. It will play somewhat like a treasure hunt game with prizes in real life! Google Maps may play a part too. There is much still unknown.

Also, we’ve heard that we get to hear more about the Harry Potter universe from J.K. Rowling herself. Here is her announcement if you’re a total poser and didn’t wake up to watch it:

Further announcements include the ability to purchase e-book versions of Harry Potter along with new audio versions. I’m most excited to see how Pottermore will turn out, how she will “reshape” the reading experience. Not to mention a lucky few will be beta testers. Rowling has created a very difficult mystery, though, which one must figure out to become a beta tester for the site. The “lucky few” whom she mentions must “follow the owl” if they wish to take part before October. Rowling is known for very tricky and interesting marketing techniques and this is merely one of them. A mysterious mission for those fans who cannot wait until October.

If you have any knowledge or introspection about what Pottermore might be, share here!


3 thoughts on “More Potter? Yes please

  1. I saw that video today, as well. I’m excited to see what the website is all about. Finally having ebooks available is going to skyrocket sales again. I do hope the extra content is short stories and other such things; I would love to know more about the Potter universe.

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