Survival Guide For a Post -Potter World

Directed by David Yates, says the screen, springing into the credits with a soundtrack of nostalgic Harry Potter themes. There is a moment of disquiet that occurs in one’s mind, then of panic. It’s over, I say. It’s over?

After a predominantly silent ride home, I passed out at three in the morning and woke up to something entirely different. What was this new world, a little bit less light and certainly less magical? Well, I discovered that there might just be something beyond Harry Potter- a reality that exists parallel to our own in which Harry Potter does not fill any such void as it does in ours. So, I rubbed my eyes and asked, What they do in this world? How do they survive?

This is what I’d like to say to the magical world, quoting Tom Riddle during his attack on Hogwarts:

I know that you are preparing to fight. Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have great respect for the teachers of Hogwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood. Give me Harry Potter, and they shall not be harmed. Give me Harry Potter and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter and you will be rewarded. You have until midnight.

After every Harry Potter book I read, I was excited for the next to be released. I began reading the series just before the fourth book was published, and I’ve become a Buddha of waiting for the next Harry Potter. Whether it’s a book or a movie, and at this point, even if it were a comic book or a Disney Channel sitcom, I’d wait avidly. Except there’s not much left to wait for. Which means unfortunately, life has effectively stopped.

Sure, there’s Pottermore, but I look upon it with a mixture of excitement and fear: what if it’s just not what we want? Can we really rely on the premise of Fan Fiction via Pottermore keeping the legend afloat? And then arise other, more pressing worries: what if people forget? How will I feel in forty years when some teenager asks, “Who the hell is Harry Potter?” After knocking him over the head with a cane (A classy one), I’ll feel devastated. Where do Harry and Ron and Hermione stand in the aftermath of their Hogwarts educations?

It’s actually quite worrisome for the trio when you take into consideration the fact that they spent their final year tracking down Horocruxes. Hermione won’t be top of her class any longer, and none of them have applied for any wizarding scholarships. Harry might be fine, considering he has a heap of gold left over by his parents that will never depreciate because it’s, well, gold. But what about Ron who didn’t pass as many OWLS?

And now that we’ve all graduated, even though we’ve failed Potions enough to delay it for a few years, what are we going to do? Well, here’s the truth: I don’t feel like Harry Potter has ended. It’s such an abstract notion that my mind can’t comprehend it.

The books will always sit on our shelves like Kings Cross Station; we only need to board a train to take us back to Harry and his friends. The films will be stowed in their DVD cases below, ready to be watched. Even with nothing more to look forward to, we have not left Harry for good. Pottermore may offer something for us to divulge our Potter appetites with, and maybe, just maybe… some prequel, sequel, in-between-equal will emerge from Rowling’s mind. And in the meantime, we can pore over what we have and hope for the best at what she’s now producing.

Anytime we want to return to Hogwarts, we need only open out Marauder Maps and mumble, “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”


6 thoughts on “Survival Guide For a Post -Potter World

  1. I also feel it haven’t end, but while I’m waiting for something new, I’m rereading Philosopher’s Stone.

  2. I love this – I can’t think of the HPs as over yet and I didn’t grow up on them (was in my 20’s when the first came out). Harry, Ron and Hermione will go on in some way …

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