Ode To Polar Bears

Floating out there somewhere, on an isle of ice,

Polar bears, big and fluffy, hairy, white and nice,

Although their hair is white, they have skin of black,

And even though they look cute, sometimes they attack,

It’s a common misconception held by many fools,

That polar bears, like humans, can use simple tools,

Some say that the bears kill prey with blocks of ice,

But such a fact, in fact, is not in fact precise,

Other say that these bears face almost certain death,

That they’re running out of habitat like they’re running out of breath,

Unfortunately that’s true as the polar caps all melt,

And poachers poach their poacher’s prey and take another pelt,

Slaughtered in their homeland, massacre on the glaciers,

They were killed with swords and guns, with bows and lethal lasers,

Poor mammal beasts, hulking beasts of white,

We may have to bid their species, a final, warm good night,

I write slam poetry, but sometimes, I like to write little ditties as well. Like this one. Much different from my usual poetry, but why not share? Because honestly, Polar Bears are really cool. Check out an example of my slam poetry here:




3 thoughts on “Ode To Polar Bears

  1. Hi. I know you like fans, so. Hey, I’m that girl who gave you her coffee smoothie at Sonic after that one play.(Or at least I think that was you.. You were really hyper and wore a green sweater-vest for costume.) Anyway, I like pretty much everything you do. How’d you become so fulfilled and dynamic? It’s like you’re everything I’m trying to become.

    1. hahaha. That’s awesome. I know you, for sure. Um… you know, there’s not much to it. You just have to enjoy life because even when it’s plummeting, the ride is thrilling. Also, yeah, I’m a closet egomaniac, so thanks for commenting! 😀

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