Review: A Deeper Look Into Wilfred

Wilfred is like a crash course in philosophy if your professor happened to be a stoner dog. The FX remake of the Australian show has already acheived something great: staying interesting after just one episode with such a strange premise.

I thought maybe the writers might run out of dog jokes after the first episode, but on its fourth episode, Wilfred still proves to be insanely hilarious. So, I’d like to take a deeper look into why I enjoy this show so thoroughly and why you should be watching it too.

I’m the target audience: teenage boy with a dirty mind and a broad sense of humor, appreciative of crudeness and intelligence. This show was basically made for me, tailored for my exact entertainment needs. Imagine Family Guy if the only two characters were Brian and Frodo.

I’m glad though for Wilfred to continue. As you’ve probably noticed from my review of Misfits, I really love crude humor. It’s honest and very funny. Having grown up with brothers, no sisters, we tend to lean on crude humor, so the more, the better. But it’s not the sort of South Park humor that just combines a pop culture reference with an expletive. It’s crude, but it’s smart. My favorite:

“Why is the sky gray? Why is the grass gray? Why is a rainbow gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, and infragray?”- Wilfred

Now, this dog was based off an Australian show of the same name. I haven’t been able to find any episodes online, but I’m still looking. If you’d like to think deeply, laugh loudly, and learn life through the perspective of a dog, Wilfred comes on FX every Thursday at 10.


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