Book of Poetry

I have talked before about self-publishing, but now it may become a reality. Only, with a book of poetry. Never heard my poetry before? Well, geez, here’s a prime example of it right here on my blog:

Well, in other news, I want to make a chapbook of poetry AND make the same chapbook into an e-book to sell online. Which means you can enjoy my poetry online. Not to MENTION, with every e-book or physical copy sold, you’ll get a code to access the MP3’s of me READING the poetry. And if there’s anything better than reading my poetry, it’s listening to me performing it. Yeah, I know, I’m excited too. Only, the chapbook is still in the developmental stage and I need YOUR help.

I’d like your feedback on what to call my book, likely named after one of my poems or otherwise. So, please vote and help me out. Also, if you have any cool ideas for a title yourself (it might help to check out some of my poetry), give your own ideas in the comment section below.

Check out some more poetry here, more to come:


2 thoughts on “Book of Poetry

  1. I voted for Skinny Dipping… but I really liked Confessions… too. I’ll follow the link and check out your poetry.

    I’m so happy things are falling into place for you, Derek. Remember me when, okay?

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