Review: Misfits, Series 2

The show about our favorite delinquent super heroes returns, but this time, the community service is a lot less civil. With the same crudeness and humor, Misfits’ second season explodes with news surprises. The best part of this show is the tumultuous plot: unpredictability has never had a better home.

Misfits has run its second season on Hulu, but I’ve taken the initiative to watch the entire second season on Youtube, so here is a review. I will launch now into a fuller discussion of the season, point by point. If you haven’t watched the episodes, SPOILERS AHEAD. So, go watch Season 2 immediately. It will not disappoint.

First of all, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) is back from the grave, at his best, which happens to usually be at her most disgusting. After he returns, he and his delinquent lackeys meet even more crazy people with supernatural abilities. They come face to face with one man who believes he lives within a video game. A villainous tattoo artist manages to control people’s affection with tattoo ink. A gorilla in a man suit in a gorilla suit is on the loose. Also, some super humans have begun to “come out the closet.”

The season ends with our love-able Misfits selling their powers for a few thousand dollars apiece. By the end of the series, however, they present the “power dealer” with money to buy back their powers. (SPOILER: They steal that money from a man masquerading as Jesus, as he has purchased all of the powers necessary.)

Series 3 should come out this Fall, for which I am stoked. Misfits is a show that shines a divine life on urban scum. Unfortunately, Sheehan will not again make it back from the grave, for he has left the show. How the show will deal with his departure is yet unknown, except that it makes me lose faith in the goodness of life.


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