Would You Read This?

Welcome to the small town of Lickskillet, where the good ole boys kick back with a beer every now again, where the people and friendly, where the local claim to fame is the world’s largest museum devoted solely to garden gnomes, and where a dark conspiracy is brewing. After the prominent ex-mayor is lynched in the affluent gated community Golden Oaks, the people of Lickskillet are demanding justice and quickly revamping their image as the most politically correct town in the Southeast.

The locals are not the only ones in the need of a public image face-lift. A Ku Klux Klan member, Mathew Pepper, being accused of the murder is not helping their quarterly membership ratings, so arrives in town national PR agent for the infamous organization: Roscoe Ostrander. To have a more tolerant image, Roscoe concludes, the Klan need only accept some black members of the community into their ranks.

Roscoe’s son Declin moves around quite a lot, because of the nature of his father’s job. And every place he goes, he’s the new kid, always the outsider. But maybe he can at least be the most interesting person in school for the six months while he stays. If you’re nobody, you can be anybody. Declin has never had a girlfriend and when he lands in Lickskillet, Declin hatches a plot to market himself as a heart-breaking ladies’ man. Girls will surely come his way.

As the trial of Mathew Pepper becomes explosive, Declin learns he may have to stay in town longer than first he believed, and the lies he told to people about his past seem harder and harder to keep telling. He must be the Declin Lickskillet knows, but also keep some shred of himself. But having changed himself every six months for years, Declin is not sure he knows who the REAL him is any longer.

After finishing the first 10,000 words of my next novel, I’m quite proud. At this stage of writing The Savagery of Sebastian Martinelli, the plot was not so complicated. Furthermore, I’m very proud of the character development I’ve already been able to implement, and this is only a bare bones draft. Above is only a basic premise, which I realize is long. I like stories to be fairly complicated and strange, and I imagine the story will only get stranger as I progress to write it.

My question to you is: would you read this?


7 thoughts on “Would You Read This?

  1. The plot sounds very engaging from multiple angles. I would read it, though I am more of a fantasy geek by nature. There’s enough intrigue to get me hooked 😛 Keeping up that level of intrigue would be the important part, I think, for keeping readers all the way through.

    1. Thanks for the input. I’m a big fan of making every chapter/scene count, and so I try to change things so that the reader is constantly shocked or surprised about what next happens.
      It’s interesting, I’m working on planning for another book right now– very much in first stages, that I would like have fantasy elements. Though it would not be categorized as a fantasy or science fiction book. When I was younger, I always wanted to write fantasy, but recently, I’ve focused on “literary” works with strange twists. Check out the description for the book I’m currently trying to publish now.

  2. Firstly congrats on the progress. Secondly, Yes! I’m intrigued mostly by Declin’s story and how it unfolds, and for that reason I do want to read it. I’m also liking the intrigue of the dark underbelly of an otherise glossy gnome-lovers town. I don’t have enough info yet to understand about the ex-mayor getting lynched – I’m not sure what it means exactly or why – but I DO want to know more. I’m also not convinced of the klu klux clan taking in black members on PR advice – seems to me PR has never been a concern for them, and not so much of concernt hat they’d go against their very core… I’d need a fair bit of convincing around that premise… if that helps at all… Good luck with it!

    1. Naturally, the Ku Klux Klan plot does not bode well. It’s a very interesting journey for Roscoe. That part of the story, overall, will be fairly satirical about the “marketing techniques” and “buy-ability” of an organization. Thanks for the comment, and I’ll be posting more about it in the future, but even more about my current project. This story is still quite in progress.

  3. Yes, I would read it because of lines like this: “If you’re nobody, you can be anybody.” Brilliant! I read just about any subject matter/genre if it’s well-written. Derek, you are a well-writer! 😉

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