Arts in the Heart Poetry

Today I attended a very cool poetry performance featuring performers from around South Carolina and Georgia. Poetry, if you do not know, is extremely important to me. It gives me a platform and a voice.

I read first a poem that won during the Poetry Matters contest last Spring. This same poem is going to published in “My World,” an anthology by The Live Poets Society of New Jersey. That poem is about the state of our public education system, called “A Savage Yawp.” I also performed a poem called “American.” Hopefully, I can post videos of both poems fairly soon.

While over there, I got to see some really amazing performances. Poets form such an awesome community. I encourage you to go check out some of the websites I gleaned when I was there:

Also, I’d like to introduce to you to a poet who definitely inspires me, Catherine the Great. I’ll post a link to her youtube channel so you can check her out:

If you have any local poetry readings or artist events, remember to go support them. You will keep people like me from playing on street corners trying to get their voice heard. More poems and poem videos coming soon. Remember to like my facebook page too so you can get awesome updates straight to fb. Just click that blue button off to the right!

I’ll keep y’all informed on all the poetry business for me!


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