Poem: I Like You (on Facebook)

In the midst of status chain-letters

and youtube videos of cats who can pogo

I found you

And I like you

I like you SO much, I spent the whole weekend

“liking” all of your posts since last April

Obviously, you’re beautiful

I told you so via comments on all

six hundred pictures in your albums

and would you be offended

if I said your profile pic is perfect

You should take more photos of yourself

in the bathroom mirror

Our fathers had Playboy magazine centerfolds

the name Cassandra boldly typed

across her breasts

The best we have is Facebook

and every picture of you in a bikini, ever

Facebook is suddenly the house

where we partied until our parents arrived

to show our friends pictures of us

as children– usually naked

But I found you

And we’re basically soul mates

though according to your INFO

you prefer Free Willy II

and I Free Willy III, so sure,

that negates perfection

but we can make it work out if ever

I muster up the courage to talk to you

in real life

I like you (on Facebook)

I’d repost you until my fingers

cramp from mouse-clicks

I’d link my page to your profile

through the URL’s of our hearts

I will be your internet bookmark

if you will be my Facebook centerfold

What are your thoughts on Facebook crushes?


6 thoughts on “Poem: I Like You (on Facebook)

  1. A modern poem for a modern age. Love it! Facebook crushes are the worst because even after it’s long gone, you are reminded of their presence, can see their new partners or fun places they are going (without you.) Sigh. Memory was not enough for the world, evidently, we had to turn everything into what we can see! Narcissism or the new human condition?

    1. Well, at least… there’s nothing new about narcissism. Facebook is a catalogue of our worst memories and a place to find every blurry picture our friends took at parties, though we said don’t.

  2. And they say romance is dead. It’s just a click and a “like” away! Well-done, again, my friend. You made the personal so very impersonal; the romantic so mechanical. You are a master at twisting things around and exposing life’s ironies.

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