Poem: We Real Geek

(A tribute to the poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Perhaps you recall the outline of this poem.)

We real geek. We

Squeak speak. We


Fly brooms. We

Raid tombs. We


Trade cards. We

Quote bards. We


Read long. We

King Kong.

About derekberry

Derek Berry is a novelist, poet, and student located in Charleston, SC.

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  1. Love the random header on your page, Mr. Fancy Pants!

  2. Excellent! I love the Gwendolyn Brooks poem you referenced–remember it from college.

  3. My college writing prof. had us do a copy change of the original. I just posted my own version on my blog (it’s not nearly as cheeky as yours). Love what you did. Geeks unite. <3.

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