Blogging Versatility and 7 Random Facts

Kana Tyler, who writes a blog about her life as a writer, reader, and all-around adventurer, recently nominated me for the versatile blogger’s award, and as the award states, it means I should pass it on to 15 other worthy bloggers. I thank her firstly for the awesome nomination.

It’s quite a cool idea, a testament to the community of bloggers, who tend to help one another and support one another. It also requires me to reveal 7 random (possibly career-defining and shocking) facts about myself.

I’m not sure if “versatile” is the right word to describe me or anyone for that matter. Now, a Philips head screwdriver– THAT’S versatile.

Now, if you’re elected, you must do some things.

1.) List fifteen bloggers whom you like and link their pages to your blog post.

2.) Inform these good bloggers that you hath nominated them.

3.) Write 7 Random things about yourself in the post

Without further ado, the blogs.

1.) Lorna’s Voice

2.) My Other Book is a Tolstoy

3.) Xanax or Running Shoes?

4.) Sarah Toole Miller

5.) Insatiable Booksluts

6.) Inside the Mind of Isadora

7.) Jennifer M Eaton

8.) Hollerin’ Pretty

9.) Diana Douglas

10.) Dodging Commas

11.) The wuc

12.) Rein, Rant, and Rave

13.) The Final Pages

14.) Susan Writes Precise

15.) Emma Book Blogger

Seven random things:

1.) I thought it was realistic in my youth for me to one day own a pet dolphin.

2.) I have a twitter account, for reals. Actually, I’m just a social-media-whore at this point, but click.

3.) I’ve written five full novels in my life, though none are published. Hopefully, one will be published one day. I wrote my first novel-length work when I was 11.

4.) I am very likely on the possible Terrorist list, because when researching for stories, I Google many strange things such as “how to make a homemade bomb,” “how to cook meth,” and “how to kill someone without leaving behind any evidence.”

5.) I do not own an IPod. I used to have one years ago, but I washed it. Instead, I drive around with my laptop propped up in the passenger’s seat, playing music.

6.) I’m reading my first ever graphic novel, and it’s actually AMAZING. (Watchmen)

7.) The song “Boston” by Augustana can make me cry. So beautiful. Legit, though. The voice and piano are so perfect.


11 thoughts on “Blogging Versatility and 7 Random Facts

  1. There is something about kids and dolphins, I find. I think it’s because they are like the kids of the sea, with their squeaky noises and big smiles. And that is mega impressive that you have five novels under your belt. Go for publication! And thanks again for the nomination 😀

  2. WOW … should I be on here with your # 4 answer to describe yourself?
    MMMmmmm … Oh, well.

    So Derek … I like # 3. Wiriting your first novel at age 11. You are quite the ambitious little fella. I suppose that made your parents happy. They knew where you were and you weren’t in their way. MMMMmmm … I’m thinking lots of love making for them. OOpppsss … sorry, I forgot that’s an – ooooey – comment about parents. Well … keep that up.

    Now to my quandry ..
    I so appreciate and “THANK YOU” for nominating me for the Verstaile Blogger Award. It is always an honor to receive an award. I have been nominated before. I have posted 7 things and don’t know of anything I would like to impart that wouldn’t be too personal. I like the recognition .. But … I don’t think I should put another badge with Versatile Blogger on my sidebar. People may begin to think I’m a bragger about how great I am … AND … of course, we all have our doubts about our writing. Hope you understand and Congrats on you nomination.
    Happy Thanksgiving and all that …..

  3. Hey man, thanks mucho mucho for the nom’ nod. Tis indeed an honour, especially from a high-achieving possible-terrorist with a penchant for dolphins. How often can you say that? Sincerely grateful, thanks DB.

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