Revealing my POET name and other news

Thanksgiving Break has begun and rather than bring about a lot of productivity, it has cause me to watch lots and lots of Youtube videos. Nevertheless, I have been writing and building a fence.

Furthermore, I have grand news to deliver, last of which will be the revelation of my poet stage name (everyone needs one, so it’ll be super cool).

First off, my first published article for a magazine will be released Dec. 1. This is an article highlighting local NaNoWrimers and when it is released, you can also check it out here:

Another tidbit of news is that recently I’ve become more involved in Twitter and also began a Goodreads account.

A poet name is a lot like a superhero name. Like a secret identity of coolness.

The Poet Formerly Known as Derek shall be NOW known as…


What do you think? Too corny? Too awesome? Share your thoughts.


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