Scholarships are Fun When They’re Not NOT Fun

Today I’m sick. Sick in a sneezy, sniffly, cough-y, haven’t-showered-at-all-y kind of way. So, I figured I’d take this advantage to research and apply for all those scholarships I have previously neglected. Some of them are quite fun. If you’re looking to apply for fun, creative scholarships, go here:

While some scholarships are super cool, others are boring and cliche and ask you to describe how you’ve been inspired by the movie Rocky or why you like Twinkies so much. I don’t like Twinkies and can’t really lie about that for an entire essay, so I had to pass. But while searching around for scholarships to apply to, I found a lot of small colleges that described themselves aptly. One did not.

College bio: “Not only are we a beautiful campus in an ideal location with a great staff and lively student life. We also give out degrees.”

There are a lot of essay-based awards and even some based on journalism, which is super cool. I suppose that I did not have as much to say as I previously thought. Next time, I’ll post something pertinent to writing. I swear. Maybe.

For lack of a better closing paragraph, enjoy the following musical number:


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