The Most American Holiday… Black Friday

Stuffed with turkey and green bean casserole, we stalk off into the darkness with lawn chairs on our backs and dreams in our hearts. Wishes. For phones and IPods and radios and new HD TVs.  Black Friday is upon us.

The magic of Black Friday is that it offers Americans what they most crave. Deals on hi-tech products. It’s a classic homage to good ole consumerism. We’re willing to wait in lines for hours to buy the next big thing for ten dollars cheaper. You’d think that brand new blender that could cut through soap is the Pope shaking hands with everyone.

We’re driven by a need to buy, buy, buy.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking for a deal on clothes or appliances, tonight is the tonight to find them. But the avaricious NEED to get some products detracts from the wholesome spirit of Thanksgiving. During the night, we’re reflected at our worst. As greedy consumers. As worshippers of PRODUCT. We bow down and wait in line for the Gods of Ikea.

What we are most thankful for is deals.

And this undermines the spirit of thankfulness and family and togetherness. Because come midnight, we’re willing to rip each others’ eyeballs out. We would push over grandma with her walker for that cheap, shiny toaster. We become animals, fighting for a piece of meat. And that piece of meat is a refridgerator.

On that note, I’m off to join the hordes. Happy Black Friday!


8 thoughts on “The Most American Holiday… Black Friday

  1. I like deals as much as the next person, but I will not be shopping on Black Friday. Good luck to all of the shoppers out there 🙂

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