NANOWRIMO comes to an end

Today is the final day of NANOWRIMO, the month-long challenge to pen a novel. While I didn’t participate, I had loads of fun cheering others on and such. Did you meet your goals? Tell me if your did.

If you’d like, tell me what your novel is about. I’d love to help. And now that you’re done, check out my posts of querying… you know, after you revise heavily. Again and again and again and again and did I mention revise?

About derekberry

Derek Berry is a novelist, poet, and student located in Charleston, SC.

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  1. I did it this year. I learned about it for the first time the day or so before Halloween. Sounded like a good idea. It was fun!

  2. Among your many talents, Derek, you can add Instigator of Budding Writers. 🙂

  3. I did participate, but, I didn’t meet the final goal. I did, however, finish half of my 2nd novel, so I’m happy about that. I, too, had fun cheering others on and it was fun watching two of my writer buddies compete with each other to see who was going to reach the 50,000 words first. They both reached their goal and more and both about the same time and the final stretch was an exciting finish. I’m glad I participated and will probably do so again next year.

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