Are you charmed by my superficial suave? Do you Laugh Out Loud at my obviously funny blog posts? Have you ever wanted to tell me what to write about so that a blog could be especially funny just for you and you could ha, ha, ha, ha all day? Do you want control over the contents of my next two days?

DO YOU LIKE ABRASIVE, ALL CAPS PHRASES?????????????????????????????????????????

Well, here’s a challenge: I want you, dear, respected blog readers, to tell me what to blog about. And I will. A lot of blogs. Like, ten blogs shall come from this. And soon. Mind you, they may be short, but packed with hilarity. And what? I am giving you even more choice.

Simply, I am creating a “CHOOSE YOUR OWN BLOG ADVENTURE” which will be posting in conjunction with many other posts. And you will read through a story/blog post/ anecdote in which I will leap around time, space, and subject to discuss a lot of things under the sun. And you get to decide what to do next! “Do you open the door where the alien lives or try to escape with your life?”

No one can answer but you. You choose the adventure. So, blog readers, strap in for the adventure of a lifetime. And put below what I might want to discuss in the Adventure blogs or personal stories I could share. Or maybe I shall simply begin telling a story, and you readers will choose what happens next. This should be up on Monday or Tuesday, I hope and may continue to grow throughout the week!!

Please put ideas in the comment section below. You make me happy and now is your chance to have a super cool impact on this blog. Have at it, dear ones. Fire away.

{As a side note, if you live in the CSRA, please come out to the poetry reading at Cafe Rio Blanca. Tuesday at 7 o’ clock. It’s going to be oodles of fun.}

Tell me your desires and I shall fulfill them.

One of my two favorite of the series. I need to seriously read these again


  1. Well…right now I have no ideas. But to answer an earlier question from this post, I do not like all caps phrases because it makes me feel like you’re yelling at me and it kind of scares me. 😦

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