Choose Your Own Blog Adventure (Start Here)

Welcome to the Choose Your Own Blog Adventure, where you get to choose what you read. Follow the story and at critical points, make decisions as to what Derek should do next. Or write about next. The posts are all listed elsewhere for now. And in a week, the blog will turn back into a normal one where all the choices will be available. Ready to play?

One day, Derek sat around his room, twiddling his thumbs because he was bored. Consumed by boredom just how pasta was sometimes consumed by him. In great quantities. Naturally, Derek yawned and thought and decided finally he better do something before the boredom overwhelmed him. Maybe he should talk to somebody, he figured. He could either check Facebook or call someone on the phone. What should Derek do?

Check Facebook

Call someone on the phone


5 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Blog Adventure (Start Here)

  1. Gads! I’m intrigued by this, to be sure, but could you please do the world a favor and change the blue font to something that is easier to read with the black background? I’ve come across ancient warding glyphs that are easier to decipher. Thank you in advance.

  2. すべての癌のように、品質 腫瘍の意味 予後。。あなた決して だけ開く維持 とオークリーからライセンスを取得します。を奨励する は終了範囲
    の最小限結論太陽 眼鏡。人 ほしい、ブランドを識別する
    サングラスがべきではない する返済、販売価格。

  3. 新しい ルイヴィトン の居心地の良いです1 つほとんどのチャーミングなができますスリップのアドオン。彼らです設計と慎重ケアに保証年齢の着用。フリップフ ロップは
    夏のシーズン 多年生のお気に入り。 私たちのほとんどいないでしょう 思考、成長 プロシージャ 全体 これらすべて
    20 長年。

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