Deleting Facebook

Confronted with the atrocity of the Timeline feature, Derek swallowed and sat back, drumming his fingers on the table. What would become of him now? He decided he had only one choice: delete his Facebook account.

One day, in fear that people find this embarrassing tribute to banality, he would need to delete it anyhow. But now he needed to decide whether to delete it immediately. Surely, deletion was as sure as deletion of his path. It would destroy his history. The entire chronological story of his life via statuses, games, and pictures.

If he deleted it, he might lose all contact with the outside world, since he uses the site as a crutch for being socially apt. He often felt hurt not being e-vited to parties, and this way, he would never have to worry about that. Or about parties at all. What about all of the Farmville parties he would miss, when the teens stole into the barn to drink and raise crops online.

He pressed the DELETE button.

Now what?

The internet, surely, offered plenty of other distractions. He could simply watch an HBO program or maybe he should actually get some writing done. What should Derek do instead of waste a lot of time on Facebook?

Or maybe Derek should daydream about Ferris Beuller and his coolness?

Game of Thrones

Words, Words, Words


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