Review: Game of Thrones

Apart from being a nerd boy’s porn fantasy, Game of Thrones is actually quite a decent show. Be-headings, wars, sword fights, even lancing.

Seriously, what more could you ask for? The show brings back to me the nostalgia of middle school fantasy books with perhaps a bit more gore. Based on the series Song of Fire and Ice by R.R. Martin, the show details the political and violent going-ons in the seven kingdoms ruled by King Robert. Mostly, the show details the clash between those in power and does so with delicious relish. Onscreen, the characters threaten to murder each other constantly under the consistent threats of war, sabotage, and even vague dangers afar.

I have only watched half of the first season, but if after deleting Facebook, I decided to sit around and watch the show, it would be a good use of my waste of time. Indeed, it sure would. Any show with this much blood and the audacity to show that much skin, that’s a damn good show in my book.

Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons.

1.) A beheading in first five minutes, I promise

2.) Peter Dinklage

3.) Awesome script

4.) A man cuts off his horse’s head after losing a joust

5.) One character dies after someone pours molten gold onto his head

6.) A lot of killer sword fight sequences

7.) The entire Stark family

8.) Peter Dinklage

What really makes this a gem is the superb, chilling acting. So, my suggestion? Go watch this show already on

Derek watched the show for eight hours… which became days… then months. He could not stop watching TELEVISION! Then, Derek died from hunger/thirst/beheading.

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