Christmas is Coming

Not Holidays, though. Which is a vague and demeaning term for Christmas.

Or Hanukkah! Or Kwanzaa, though I do not know anyone personally who celebrates Kwanzaa. Do any of you celebrate Kwanzaa?

My point is, we take these celebrations based on specific religions and make them into what they’re not. A holiday, much like Labor Day or Independence Day. While those celebrations are great, they’re not based around religion as Christmas is. The enigma of “Xmas” has become a cultural symbol meant to celebrate Santa Claus and eggnog. While both worthwhile, they are not worth celebrating. I do not celebrate Xmas, I’d like to think.

Therefore, I find it particularly demeaning that people shove “holidays” down your throat in the interest of political correctness. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that political correctness is not something I care for.

So I wish you a merry and happy Christmas. That is first.

I’ve been pumped for Christmas for weeks now. Some of the nicest parts are getting out of school and seeing family. Now I’m writing this on the eve of Christmas Eve and for the next two days, I might endure the madness of family and gift-giving. We’ll sing corny songs we’ve heard too much and sit around a blinking tree, and it will feel good. Because Christmas makes us feel that way. Happy.

Tomorrow morning, I will also post a fun poem about the cards we receive from relatives, that I hope you shall ally enjoy. I am very pleased with the reaction to the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE BLOGS. Although it was an interesting experiment, I doubt I shall try to write so many posts in such a short period of time. I hope you’ll find some of the posts quite amusing. My favorites were the Grammar Nazi post and “Words, Words, Words.”

Now, that festivity is over. And my blog is returned to its regular format for your viewing pleasure.

But what festivities are to come in the next year?

Honestly, who knows? I am not about to give a run-down of my year or my hopes for it. No one can possibly know what the coming year brings. Perhaps I will get my book published or publish more poetry or a short story. I shall go to college, I hope, and after that, what more can I write about?

I might travel to faraway places and surely, I could experience a bear attack. Not likely, but possible. I might meet the President or even become the President. The future is uncertain. On that note, vote for Derek Berry as President for the 2012 election.

Right now, life is uncertain as it always has been and should be. In the midst of a coming Christmas, we are surrounded by family. We are surrounded by love. That is all I know of the future, honestly. Beyond that, all bet’s are off.

Good luck in the days to come as we close out 2011. Whether you’re visiting family, surviving bear attacks, or learning to fly with homemade wax wings. Best of wishes and Merry Chrismtas!



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