Poem: Envelopes

Each year we would receive cards from our kin

That quoted the bards of Hallmarks

Replaced in the dollar bin

And inside of these would be lines

So stuffed with cheese

That it could appease an army of mice

But no one sealed these greetings in an envelope

Just to be nice

That’s what families do

They send cards to you

On holidays, on birthdays, on days you’re feeling sick

“Get well soon” from Grandma

And “Feel better, man” from your cousin Rick

Some of them inscribed messages below

The cliché well wishes and seasons’ greetings

As if words were fleeting

Though in so few words, they could say so much

And a simple “I love you” was better than a touch of

Whatever card makers had to offer

In my opinion, the words are benign

I know that you love me

All you have to do is sign


{Merry Christmas everyone!}


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