The Tablet Revolution

I’m writing this on the Nook tablet that I received from my awesome parents for Christmas. I felt very anxious about tablets for the longest time, wondering whether or not it would be worth owning one. Whether or not I could use it to write and read poetry.

The tablet does everything I’d like it to. I can write and edit files and even use it as a portable poetry archive. E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter apps make networking easier than ever. The tablet, however, may not completely replace my notebook which I can surreptitiously use during class, appearing as if I am taking notes. Also, I would regret forgoing the ability to translate beauty with ink.

Owning a tablet, however, makes a lot of things much easier. I always have a book on hand to read if I get blocked, I always have access to a hefty online dictionary and the best research material ever invented (the internet), and I can always jot down notes and character sketches no matter where I am.

This morning, I assured the ultimate greatness of the Tablet. As I sat before work sipping my pre-work coffee, I actively pretended to ignore that I was eavesdropping on the couple beside me. Here, everyone sits uncomfortably close, and because of this closeness, I could not write on my laptop. I began jotting down ideas and outlining on my Nook, which I can conceal. I feel strange writing while others are watching, though I usually enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop. And of course I enjoy coffee.

Normally, I sit, drink coffee, and work on my novel. Because of the awkwardness of penning new material before prying eyes, I usually take time to edit. And sitting in a warm place with coffee, refills only 25 cents– I can sit there all day. Today, the place bustled with unusual activity, as in every-table-is-occupied busy. So I began writing outside, but once I started making progress, I progressed inside to a newly vacant table next to Brad and Georgina.

At first I thought they were on a date, but it turns out they went to school together seven years ago. Turns out he is a fitness trainer from California obsessed with insane diets and strange trends. As he continuing talking, I realized that this materialistic, modern, crazy  guy would make a fun character. So I whipped out my Nook and started taking notes. I now have the makings of a very fun short story.

So, the tablet proved useful. I penned up an outline and no one knew any better.

Also, I downloaded the Angry Birds app and play it on the loo.

Another thing I received for Christmas was a pack of white v-neck undershirts which means now I can even sleep in v-necks. Literally no day goes v-neckless. It’s awesome.

Till next time.


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