Literary Adventures, Part 2: “The Staff Part-ay”

Where did the orange one come from? Or the yellow for that matter?

On Thursday night, I met the awesome staff of Verge. Amid eating venison chili and too many pillow mints, I found it interesting to place names and faces with stories, with styles. I always find it exhilarating to meet writers, though usually I meet fictional writers. Though I write both fiction and nonfiction, I think there are some differences between the type of people who write fiction and those who write journalistic stories. I imagine the mesh between the two would be Ernest Hemingway, though no one can be exactly like Hemingway, part-crazy, half-the-only-sane-one.

Fiction writers tend to be more subdued,  awkward with public speaking unless they are storytellers. As in, they memorize and tell stories for money. Mostly, writing is done alone. Though sometimes I’ll sit in a coffee shop to write, I am usually still alone. Or writing alone in my room. The only time we talk to others is when we publish something.

Journalists tend to be more social, I feel, perhaps because we go out to interview people in order to write our stories. We get used to speaking to others, holding an engaging conversation. If we weren’t able to elicit conversation from almost anyone, we’d be terrible at interviews.

These are just some of my thoughts. I had a really great time at my editor’s flat which was downtown. Before, I did not even realize that some people lived downtown. Now I know quite a lot about downtown Augusta. As of last year, I hardly ever went there, but now I go at least once a week and learn more each time.

Even past my demanding you to, if you have not check out the Verge, I will give you yet another wonderful opportunity to. Simply click here. You’re welcome.



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