If you have been wondering why all the forks have suddenly returned to the cutlery drawer, it’s because I put them there after finding them in the backseat of my car. Embedded in dirty rice within over-sized tupperware containers, they have been accumulating fungi in the dark and moist environment my automobile has cultivated. The dirty rice and the strogonoff and the lasagna, in which the forks were still stuck, stayed in my car after I took those leftovers to school to eat during lunch. The small remains, however, have been sitting in my car since November. On a whim, I cleaned out the back seat and found them and replaced them in the drawer. They had great fun in the company of scarves, sweaters, oil-stained t-shirts, camera tripods (multiple, mind you) quarters, sunglasses, hair brushes, water bottles, and one Superman costume.


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