“Searching for Bigfoot”

Help me win a scholarship by giving me feedback on this poem. Leave your thoughts below.

If you enjoyed this, go to my Youtube channel or poetry page to see more.


4 thoughts on ““Searching for Bigfoot”

  1. Profound, Derek. I mean it. What kind of scholarship? Does it have certain rules or parameters? for submissions of your work? If you submit in video form, some of the words were a bit difficult to understand (entropy, for example), so you may want to reshoot the video. If it’s in just paper form, I think you’re golden.

    1. We’re purely talking poetry form, as in…. on paper. If it were a video, I would do a better one and memorize it. I only recently wrote it and today revised it so I am good. Thank you.
      The scholarship is a South Carolina creative writing scholarship given to one senior each year. Hopefully, I might win something.

  2. Very good, I liked it. I have to say I was drawn to the post because I’ve watched episodes of Finding Bigfoot and laughed my ass off. It’s one of the best comedy shows on television. I digress. I like your poetry and thanks for not rhyming.

    1. Thank you. I suppose I might check that out. I sometimes rhyme but only do so when it fits into the rhythm of the poem. Just for the sound of it sometimes, there is internal rhyme. But yes, I also digress. Thanks.

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