“Searching for Bigfoot”

Help me win a scholarship by giving me feedback on this poem. Leave your thoughts below.

If you enjoyed this, go to my Youtube channel or poetry page to see more.

About derekberry

Derek Berry is a novelist, poet, and student located in Charleston, SC.

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  1. Profound, Derek. I mean it. What kind of scholarship? Does it have certain rules or parameters? for submissions of your work? If you submit in video form, some of the words were a bit difficult to understand (entropy, for example), so you may want to reshoot the video. If it’s in just paper form, I think you’re golden.

    • We’re purely talking poetry form, as in…. on paper. If it were a video, I would do a better one and memorize it. I only recently wrote it and today revised it so I am good. Thank you.
      The scholarship is a South Carolina creative writing scholarship given to one senior each year. Hopefully, I might win something.

  2. Very good, I liked it. I have to say I was drawn to the post because I’ve watched episodes of Finding Bigfoot and laughed my ass off. It’s one of the best comedy shows on television. I digress. I like your poetry and thanks for not rhyming.

    • Thank you. I suppose I might check that out. I sometimes rhyme but only do so when it fits into the rhythm of the poem. Just for the sound of it sometimes, there is internal rhyme. But yes, I also digress. Thanks.

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