Driving Home From Work

The music stutters.

The CD that plays has been stuck in the car stereo for nearly two years. When I first inherited the automobile from my brother, I quickly made a mix CD of random songs to check whether the radio worked well. It worked fine, except that CD never again ejected. Which means that for the past two years I have been listening to the same 16 songs while driving. You bet I know every word to every one.

I figure that the CD has garnered some scratches from overuse, because the music skips and breaks briefly at certain points. But I don’t mind. It’s like having a personal DJ in my car.

A squirrel leaps from a bed of pine straw to bound across the road. Indecision. Flicking its tail back and forth. Tempting my hungry tires. But I swerve. Not because I am an animal-lover above flattening squirrels but because if I made impact with any such squirrels, I might rail off and crash. Maybe a truck could kill it, but my car can’t handle a joust from even a squirrel. Forbid I ever run over anything more formidable. Like a raccoon. Or a pine cone. I’m certain my front bumper could not take it.

These are the dangers of driving, yes, but only for me. I sail out at dawn to face morning-drunks driving home from their holes and also wild-eyed does who like to prance before cars and strike a girl-you-ain’t-bout-to-hit-me-boy pose. Regardless, it’s a dangerous world out there. Buckle up.


5 thoughts on “Driving Home From Work

    1. Thankfully, no. There are some very annoying songs on there, though. Two I actually didn’t even like then but for some reason chose to put them on there. And there are still about three that I never get bored of even though I’ve listened to them thousands of times.

  1. It IS a dangerous world out there. I drive to work in the dark, besides the deer there are all manner of precious but road-ignorant animals and critters out there. Possum, deer, raccoons, and skunks (I live out in the woods). Buckle up is right!

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