My Answers To Your Impossible-To-Answer Philosophical Questions

All I know is that when a tree in a forest falls

On top of me,

I will probably hear it.


I know that in cartoons,

angels use clouds as pillows.

I know they’re wet, full of rain,

and no, I don’t know why angels

would find that comfortable.

Maybe it’s because they don’t own real bodies.


No, I don’t really know where prayers go.

I guess God operates some sort of fax machine

or maybe he listens really hard.

He must have very large ears.

My guess is that when angels aren’t snoozing

on their fluffy, cold pillows

they’re riding horses on them

like a divine Pony Express.


All I know about Roanoake

is that all the people disappeared.

Sometimes, that’s all you ever get to know

about people. Even those close to you.

That they disappear.


About Derek Berry

Derek Berry is a novelist and spoken word poet. Derek is the author of Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County (PRA Publishing, 2016). He co-founded and organizes The Unspoken Word, a literary non-profit based out of Charleston, SC, which provides an intendent home for the poetic arts through regular readings, workshops, and community fundraisers. He is on the Executive Board of the Charleston Poetry Festival, the inaugural production of which will be Fall 2017. His work has appeared in The Southern Tablet, Cattywampus, Charleston Currents, Illuminations, RiverSedge, and other journals.He has performed in venues across the United States and Germany. He has worked as a photographer’s assistant, busboy, and bookseller. He currently works at a curation facility for Cold War History.

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  1. I loved this! It was very cute and funny up until the last verse, which made a surprisingly sad turn. Somehow, it still fits with the rest of the poem though. 🙂

  2. Derek I love reading your blog, so I wanted to hopefully bring you some more readers, I nominated your for an award…

  3. Finally some answers! Here’s another one: is the Hokey Pokey really what it’s all about? 🙂

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