Books Galore!

Having so many books you’re excited to read, you can’t choose which to read first, that’s not exactly a problem. Today was the annual AAUW book sale here in Aiken where I end up buying about twenty books or more for the price of a single book. One book I really wanted was A Dance with Dragons, the fifth installment in George R.R. Martin’s series. (I’m on book four, and once I finish the first four books, I will do an extensive review on that first half of the series and a singular review for A Dance with Dragons.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with George R.R. Martin, watch this:

I bought a whole lotta books today, some of which I will review, some not. Some I have read before but did not own, and I loved the books so much, I just had to own them. That includes a few Ernest Hemingway classics and some Thomas Pynchon. Once I finish the fantasy series by Martin, I’ll finish reading The Flame Alphabet, which is a very intriguing book (only Martin is slightly more exciting, sorry). I will definitely be doing a review of that, the newest novel by author Ben Marcus.

Some of my stash includes books by Nick Horny, Joyce Carol Oates, T.C. Boyle, and Cormac McCarthy. I also picked up a few books on writing, just because I enjoy reading books on writing. One book I’m quite excited to read is On the Road by Kerouac.  For some reason, though I’ve read much of his poetry, I never picked up the book. But leave a book on my shelf for long enough and I am sure to read it.

Sometimes, I can’t describe how fan-boy-ish-ly excited I get for books. Like my fervor for any new Palahniuk book. I must go out that day to devour it. He’s just that good. This morning, I stood for a little over an hour in line to get in. Before doors opened for the book sale, the line was stretched around the block. Book sales turn me on like a Victoria Secret model turns Larry the Cable Guy on.

Walk into to this building, which once was a Belk. Tables and tables lined with books. Walls of books. Mountains of books. It takes hours to pick through them all. I stayed up last night drafting a list of everything I might want. Not much of a post, I know, but my excitement is so brimming, I can hardly write.

Time to get my reading on, folks.


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