Into the Wild: My Weekend Forecast

Unlike last weekend, when I posted nothing out of abject laziness and sleeping in late each day, this weekend I will post nothing because I will spend three glorious days on Hunting Island with some awesome, cool guys. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I will find a new appreciation in nature. Probably not.

Actually, that’s one part of my personality I hardly express, my complete appreciation of nature and its beauty and power. I absolutely love camping which I will be doing this weekend in the jungle of a small island, merely hundreds of feet from the beach. I promise to return intact, maybe. I’m planning to have a great time. This is sort of a last Hoorah for some of us before we scatter like leaves in the wind.

While in the midst of awesome nature, I will be without the internet. I will probably write quite a lot and churn out work when I get back. I’m happy to say that I have been working steadily on my new novel, and I’m about one-third done with the second draft. I will post about it when I finish this draft to inform you all about its hopefully publish-ability.

Until Monday, continue to be utterly blown away by the beauty and amazement that is life.

This is where we’re staying. Better believe it. I will miss your comments almost as I’ll miss addictively checking my e-mail and WordPress stats.


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