The Avengers: Why I’m Stoked

Tonight, at midnight, The Avengers will assemble and undoubtedly save the world as well as sweep in millions in box office dollars. The movie featuring A-list superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk will be a spectacular display of intergalactic action sequences and  awesome fighting. We’ll see fights of Captain America against Iron Man, Thor against Iron Man, and Thor against Loki. Expect this to be pretty amazing.

I shall be going at 3:55pm tomorrow, so expect a full review by tomorrow night. So, what are the reasons I am excited?

1.) The Avengers Canon

For those of us who read comic books, The Avengers might be the most confusing group of superheroes following the X-men. The reason is that throughout the group’s history, there have been an insane multitude of different heroes on the team from Spider Man to Ant Man, from the Wasp to Black Widow (they had a big infestation problem, apparently.) When I first heard years ago that an Avengers movie would be made, I was curious about who would make the cut. From the looks of the trailers, we have a very decent line-up. Then several directors worked together to build each character’s individual films to contribute to the overarching movie that comes out tonight. Look out for how this director Josh Whedon uses group dynamics as a conflict, as this was a serious conflict in the comics.

What’s particularly interesting is that who will take the role as a leader. Nick Fury rallies them, but who will lead the team? Cap? Iron Man? Thor? Hawkeye (haha, just kidding!)? We might be surprised to see how this group works together, if they work together at all. We know already that several key characters who are protagonists will come head to head.

Spoilers: By the end, Iron Man and Captain America began a civil war, and now Captain America is dead. In the comics, anyways. What if this happened in the movie? Weird.

2.) Scarlett Johanssonn

Let’s be honest, guys. This chick is hot, and when you place a hot chick in a full-leather-suit, you’re going to get people’s attention. Funnily enough, a friend of mine wore this same costume to comic con. Quite a lot of people wanted to take their pictures with her for some reason.

3.) Crossovers Can be Great

As a lover of many individual comics, it’s sometimes strange, sometimes great for comics to cross over. Just like those Scooby Doo episodes with the Harlem globe Trotters or Batman. The Avengers is just one type of crossover, where many different heroes of the same universe unite to fight a common cause. Because this is simply on film, I feel titillated to watch it unfold. They’ve done such a great job of building each character that once you combine them, you know cool stuff will be going down.

4.) The Cast

Apart from Scarlett Johansson, the cast is male-heavy (because most superheroes tend to be males.) But we have quite a sick line-up for this movie. First comes Chris Evans as Captain America. Now, Evans played another Superhero “The Human Torch” of the Fantastic Four at which I thought he acted splendidly. Originally, I thought it was not so cool to give him another superhero role, but after see the Captain film, I feel fairly confident that he embodies the character.

Next up are two new additions, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk and and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Now, I absolutely love Edward Norton and was sad to see him go, but Mark Ruffalo will be an intriguing replacement, I’m sure. After seeing him in The Kids Are Alright, I like him as an actor. Hopefully, he’ll be able to capture the underlying fury versus the calm demeanor that Bruce Banner possesses.

I have only seen Jeremy Renner in the new Mission Impossible movie, and though I wasn’t incredibly impressed, I’m not worried.

Chris Hemsworth has to put on a rather ridiculous accent for Thor, but come on, Thor is awesome! I will in fact be dressing up as Thor for this film.

We’ve got Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and man, does he play the perfect Fury? No doubt, this was probably the second best casting choice.

What was the best? Robert Downey Junior. This guy absolutely kills it as Iron Man/ Tony Stark. He has infused his character with such realism and megalomania that his very presence is augmented on screen. And I believe because of the success of the Iron Man movies (in part because of Downey), Iron Man will play a more significant role than usual in this upcoming film.

Tell me your own thoughts about the movie both before and after you see it. Are you stoked?


One thought on “The Avengers: Why I’m Stoked

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, but the reviews suggest it would be worth it. Often with too many characters, these things get botched.

    When I read your opening sentence I wondered what it would be like if they screwed up and didn’t save the world. Oh well Loki wins, end of film. That would be a bit odd.

    Not sure I can see Samuel L with fury after seeing him in the recent iPhone commercials. I’m going to keep thinking he is popping home for date night.

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