Review: Avengers Assemble

If you have yet to see The Avengers movie, do not read on. I don’t care if I ruin this movie for you, and you’ve been warned. Instead, go watch this really sick movie, then come back to read this review.

Alright, guys, let’s get down to business (to DEFEAT the Huns… I mean, Loki?) When brother of Thor Loki decides to raise an intergalactic army to overtake earth, it’s up to Samuel L. Jackson with an eye patch, Scarlett Johansson in a full-body leather suit, and that guy from the show The New Adventures of Old Christine to rally up the world’s mightiest heroes in hopes of saving our planet.

Years ago, there was a dream, a dream to reboot several popular comic book characters as lead roles in their own movies, then to combine these universes into one so that these characters could interact. Then came today, May 4th, the day The Avengers came out. While I really enjoyed the individual movies, the one that really fell short for me was Thor’s. For some reason, the thought of portals through space and Thor’s friends threw off the vibe. But Thor does much and more to rectify himself in this new film, and I think we reach an even greater understanding of the Thor/Loki relationship. While Thor was minus hammer for most of Thor, he makes good use of his magical hammer in this new film. Also, I’ve got to praise Tom Hiddleston’s acting, which is superb and hilarious. He has such wit and good timing, and he did well conveying his motives and that sort of smug “I know something you don’t know” attitude.

Another standout performance is, of course, RDJ. The movie crackles with energy when he steps on-screen.

But who surprised me was Mark Ruffalo. He did such a great job as Bruce Banner, the man trying to contain the beast, that he deserves a lot of credit. His subdued manner and overall demeanor– his performance was note-perfect. Subtle and quiet, only to explode when the green guy came out. Even though the Hulk was great (his fight with Loki was incredibly enjoyable), Bruce Banner held his own against his counterpart. The movie is not just high on action (which it is, oh yes, it is), but it’s funny. Hilarious, actually. On par with the first Iron Man film.

Who really deserves credit for making this movie come together is Joss Whedon, the director of this whole shebang. I expected, though reluctantly, that this movie might not live up to my high expectations. How would they incorporate all of these characters? Would they just join forces, just like that? That would make NO sense. Fortunately, the director and writers worried just as much about storytelling as awesome action sequences. The film actually portrays each characters’ shortcomings and personal conflicts with a lot of skill and detail. Iron Man’s selfishness, Hawkeye’s lonliness, Black Widow’s past, Thor’s relationship with his brother, Captain America’s disorienting incubation in a glacier for fifty years, the Hulk’s anger problems and personal philosophy. Seriously? You can fit all that in a movie, have characters clash constantly against each other, then bring them together in a single movie. Well, the movie is pretty long, so… yes.

Then again, who cares how long it is when you have so much epic-ness occurring on screen? Let’s review some of my favorite scenes:

1.) Every scene where the camera was positioned behind Scarlett Johansson as she walked away (every scene with her in it)

2.) The Hulk vs. Thor

3.) Iron Man vs. Thor

4.) The Hulk tearing apart that giant alien worm-thing with metal armor

5.) Iron Man redirecting a nuclear missile into space (Good for you, Tony! Taking one for the team!)

6.) The reveal of a new villain. At first, I thought it was the Red Skull returned, but it could possibly be Thanos, who is much more formidable than the Red Skull. After thinking about it more, I suppose that makes more since. Would the Red Skull really assemble such an army to gain the tesseract?

Either way, I am stoked about phase two of this series which will lead up to the Avengers 2. We’ve got Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2 to look forward to. The casting is very, very good. I certainly hope Ruffalo gets his own movie, showing how he has begun to control The Hulk; not to mention a movie about SHIELD members Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. This movie is a promise for all the really great things that will come soon.

Share you own thoughts if you have seen the film!


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