Curiosity Shop: Open Mic Wrap-Up

Everyone gathering, ordering tea and such.




Tuesday was Aiken’s Curiosity Shop’s second ever open mic, and it was an astounding success! Not only did spectators pack out the tables at the Dicken’s Cafe, but I had to stand in the back with a horde of others. People stood, sat, and hung from rafters. They watched from below the stage and up above on the stairwell. About a dozen performers delivered stunning, explosive, fun, magnificent songs, poems, stories, and jokes to this very responsive crowd.

We had the great pleasure of welcoming an Italian exchange group from Orvieto. They too performed songs both in Italian and English.

I performed “Knockout”, “American”, and a new poem called “Ode to Awkwardness.” Click any of these links to see performances of them. The last one is only half the poem, but soon, I’ll make something really special for this blog. I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a music-video-type thing for a poem; this comic, short poem would be a great first endeavor. Hopefully, I will work on that soon.

Here are some further pics of the open mic performers (including myself) that I purloined (legally) from the Curiosity Shop’s Facebook page.

Poetry Swagg from Paul Muniz
Sweet Baby Dave and The Cheapskates performing a Radiohead song.
Jazzy Awesomeness
50’s bluesy guitar
The Savage Pen (Me) performing “Knockout”
Misha the “Comedian”
Some more poetry swag from Kendall Driscoll


Such a full audience!
Beautiful Rendition of One Direction










The Crowd goes wild!

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