Nook Releases DC Titles!

I’m not sure if this just happened today, but it excited me so much I’m writing a short blog about it. Barnes and Nobles is now selling DC titles on the NOOK. Before, I could only read Marvel comics which are great. But I really wanted to get into the New 52, and I’ve come to prefer reading comics on the Nook rather than in paper form. So, today I checked out the available titles and did a little happy dance. I also bought “Batman: Year One” by Frank Miller to celebrate because I have wanted for a long time to read it, but have not had the opportunity to.

So now I can sit with my Nook and enjoy Frank Miller’s version of Batman. Well, life is grand, isn’t it?

I’m still fairly new to the comic books world but am an ecstatic new fan. I have been exposed to many more Marvel comics than DC comics. Confession time: I’ve only ever read Watchmen, and that’s it, by DC. So I guess it’s time in my comic book interest to expand my universe. Not that I’m only reading superhero comics, but…… I read primarily superhero comics.

What are your thoughts? Are you as exited as I am?


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