Why I’m Pumped: The Dark Knight Rises

A week from now, I will be standing outside a theatre sporting a batman mask, awaiting the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Some of you naysayers may ask why get pumped up over this version of the Batman. Honestly, it’s all I ever wanted, and that this version came in film– I am stunned. It’s not that I don’t like Batman from the comics. I love every single type of Batman, down to the Adam West TV reincarnation. I really appreciate Frank Miller’s Batman trilogy and am currently reading some of the New 52 Batman comics (Batman, Batman: Detective Series, Batman and Robin!!!).

But honestly, I honestly appreciate Chris Nolan’s vision of Batman; it has not hindered but rather greatly bolstered Batman’s image in my mind. Why are Nolan’s films so awesome? Let’s review why so that when July 20th comes, we can storm the theatre as wildly as Bane’s cronies.

1.) Film Version

Besides I suppose animated films, we have never had a particularly great Batman film. Mostly because Joel Schmauer is an idiot. And yes, I really do enjoy Batman: The Movie from 1966. It had some fantastically funny actors in it, and the camp is unbelievably– well, it was done on purpose. Turn now to 1997’s Batman and Robin. There’s a huge difference.

Tim Burton’s Batman was pretty decent, but honestly, I haven’t watched it since I was ten. At ten, I thought everything I saw was cinematic gold, and I hated Titanic (except for that one scene, you know, because I was ten). Maybe I didn’t have the best judgement in film.

Nolan did away with camp altogether, focusing instead on the stories being told. This was a trend that has been going on in comic books since the 1970s but never truly translated to film until Batman Begins.

2.) New Bane

Now, I’ll be honest as I am still fairly new to comic books that I had no idea who Bane was. I expected perhaps The Riddler or The Penguin, but boy-howdy, am I glad this guy came along. He not only trumps Batman in brawn but maybe even in brain.

Like everyone else, I researched him and OMG!!!! I don’t want to ruin what might happen, but it could be potentially awesome. I am quite stoked for Tom Hardy too who I have grown to like.

Also, it is a huge improvement from the last cinematic version of Bane.

… Or this?

3.) The Story Ends

Now, this is my favorite point. Supposedly, if Chris Nolan isn’t a jerk liar, the story ends with this movie. Batman’s story ends. Now, that’s not to say we can’t still have a Justice League Movie (please let this happen and base it off of the New 52 comic series!), but as for this trilogy, Batman will come to an end. This interests me so greatly because seemingly, superhero franchises (or franchises in general) never seem to want to end.

These are highly successful films, and I am sure if they made eight of them, I would go see each one as they got progressively worse. Now, the Harry Potter series pulled off an eight-movie stint which still excited me, but we all knew what would happen. The books ended, so the movies ended. But the plethora of Batman stories that could be told would be endless.

But Christopher Nolan promises us a satisfactory end to his unique Batman trilogy. He has worked hard to establish his story in the real world, and I definitely hope the ending stays true to this vision. But another possibility crosses my mind: Batman could die.

If Nolan wanted to, he could kill the Batman. I mean, it’s been done in the comics before. Dick Grayson or Jean-Paul Valley or even Alfred have acted as Batman before, so someone could certainly carry on the mantle for that Justice League movie which will be even far better than the Avengers movie which I loved, but still…

So, at the moment, though Nolan keeps faith with the canon, he also plays with it in all the right places. Honestly, I’m extremely excited.

What do you hope for when the final installment of The Dark Knight trilogy comes to theaters?


6 thoughts on “Why I’m Pumped: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I am paticularly excited as well, yet there are a few keypoints that really upset a true batman fan.
    1. This would look like a repeat of the past spider-man movies with the villian dying at the end save for the joker in the Dark Knight.
    2. Banes new look is great and extrememly creative and I for one love it. However, bane is much taller then batman and muscular mass is comparable to the hulk. Again to make another hulk reference this could be in comparison to lou ferrignos hulk.
    Yes this movie will be good and the creativity makes batman fans not give a damn that it doesn’t stay true to the original comic story line but these are two points that make an upset and I really hope I am not disappointed movie night.
    Just saying

    1. 1.) I mean, villains often die at the end. Not sure if that’s cliche because it seems universal. Killing off the hero would seem almost gimmicky to me.
      2.) I worried a little bit about Bane as well, but I think not making him crazy-muscular made him more believable. He’s still buff without looking comical.

      1. The worst case about the villians dying is that its not true to the comics. The villians almost never die especially in cases with batman where they typicall go to amadeus arkham’s asylum which gave potential for a sequel rhas al ghul [from the first] has something called the lazarus project so its possible for another movie with him. And the joker would’ve been possible if not for heaths overdose. I guess we will just have to see to be certain. Jokers make over truly made him popular ill give nolan credit but I’m going to wait and see about bane.

      2. Since his daughter will be featured in this movie (not in the trailer, though), I really hope Rhas Al Ghul returns in this. It would be so great.
        Also, I really like the concept of Arkum Asylum in the comics. Though Batman thinks the villains deserve to die, he would never kill them; many of the doctors, however, constantly defend much of The Rogue’s Gallery as mentally-unstable. And many of these characters do make interesting cases in how much insanity plays a role in crime.

      3. To be honest [thought doubtful] arkham’s story has potential to be a story all its own though it would be nothing more then a fan pleaser more then the chance to be a blockbuster. The sick twisting aura of arkham would be great after the dark knight. Has a few more baddies under his belt as for his daughter well that’s a whole new story of a batman generation but I’m sure you’ve read up on that.

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