Review: “Man of Steel” Trailer


Dressed as Superman at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, I was obviously standing out among a sea of black clothes and batman insignia. I kept trying to explain to people that Batman and Superman were actually friends who just occasionally fought….. well, no one understood.

I was duly excited for The Man of Steel trailer which preceded the movie. I watched it and, well, at first I thought….. fishing? Hitchhiking? Right.

But I have thought a little more deeply about the upcoming film, and I feel that it deserves a lot of hype. I will definitely be going, I assure you (dressed as The Flash).

First off… watch the trailer if you haven’t already.

We will see a different Superman origin. It has been clear that when Clark Kent enters the green crystalline cave for the first time, he


realizes his powers. He begins to fly and kick ass and generally be awesome. Right off the bat…

In this movie, we get to see Superman grow into his powers. Sure he is the most powerful being ever, but hey, at least he will get an actual character arc. Sure, the trailer looks a bit confusing with clotheslines, fishing boats, and all, but those are important– maybe. What really is important is that the trailer doesn’t show Superman in action. Not until those three seconds at the end. If we simply saw him fighting the villain and defending Earth– yawn, we’ve seen that.

In the new criteria of what makes good superhero films, we need characters to actually feel like characters, even perfect men like Superman.

Also, we get a pretty great actor Henry Cavill playing Superman who looks enough different than previous Supermen to feel fresh. Christopher Nolan is one of the producers, so think of him as assurance for quality control. If the script had gone wacky and terrible, he would have shot it down long ago. Zack Snyder is directing the film; honestly, I’ve seen 300 and Watchmen. I did not feel terribly good about the Watchmen movie (and I loved the comics). Maybe if he pulls this off, we can forgive him for that weirdly fetishistic movie Sucker Punch.

Regardless, he has a really cool style that is splashy and colorful like a comic book.

Basically, I support a Superman who is sometimes more man than super, who begins the “alienated” to alien, who still rises to save the day in the end despite his differences because that is who he is.


5 thoughts on “Review: “Man of Steel” Trailer

  1. I can’t wait for this. I know it’s not cool to like Superman these days, but he’s always been my favourite superhero.

  2. I think the trailer was EPIC. Reminds me why I don’t fancy the Bible. I mean the whole Superman story is like the New Testament. Exept we know nothing of how Jesus realized his destiny. Now we might learn how Superman realized what his power is meant for. Cos in real life, you don’t just figure out what you want to do with your life in two seconds. You have to strive for it.

    1. I agree. It’s going to be more about becoming Superman. They recently released Earth-One: Superman to tell a similar tale. I liked it a little bit, but even that Superman seemed too incorruptible. And then some aliens came and made it campy and stupid.

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