The Case of the Missing Roommate

Moving to college in only a few days, my future is a mystery, but right now, the biggest mystery: who will my roommate be?

When names were released by the college, I sat in a large room the morning of orientation with forty other future Cougars from the College of Charleston. They announced that room assignments had been posted, and quick as The Flash, thirty nine students whipped out IPhones to check their status, high-fiving each other for being on the same floor, comparing Facebook profile pictures of their roommates. Hour later, once I retrieved my laptop, I checked up on my roommate’s status.

Would he be a juggling circus performer? Maybe a foreign student who spoke six different languages? Maybe someone with the same literary lilt as myself?

No. All I got was “Name Undisclosed.” Which means that my future roommate did not wish to share his contact information. Which meant I will not meet him until Move-In Day, this Friday. Now, if my roommate reads this, Hello. Welcome to my blog! Even though your identity is anonymous, you will be semi-famous now, at least as famous as you can get on the Internet.

I ain’t any Sherlock, Dupin, or Marlow, but it appeared that I had a mystery on my hands. So I grabbed my dog Scooby, jumped into the Mystery Van, and… Well, really, I took to the internet.

And all of my detective skills I picked up from reading countless Batman comics proved null, so I shall just have to wait and see.

But there is something oddly romantic about the unknown, the mysterious. Surely who my roommate is will not prove as startling as the fact that the Butler killed his mistress, only really it was her nephew wearing a prosthetic Butler mask! No, I won’t act like Nancy Drew traipsing around in a plaid dress to discover the truth. The mystery remains… until this Friday.

If we’re being honest, isn’t that the entire point of life? Mystery. I was primed months ago to speak and meet this person with whom I’ll be spending about nine months of my life with. Maybe he’s a convict or a movie star’s son. A relative so some great political world leader? This mystery man is just one of the cruxes we face moving on.

We are, after all, entering college. And despite what our siblings and older friends tell us, college will never pan out exactly like we think it will. Which is good because sometimes I wonder if I will be kicked out first semester. My entire lifestyle will likely change, being just another mystery to pursue.

So just as we are eager to know what happens in the next episode of our favorite dramas, we look forward to the next episodes of our lives, always lingering on those cliff-hung “To be continued’s….”


5 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Roommate

  1. I would kill (almost) to be entering first year again at university – what power, what independence, what doing laundry (okay that is not a good example). I had many many room mate in my years at school – some were wonderful, some were not, and I had one whose parents owned a pizza parlour–what a bonus.
    This is a wonderful adventure — grab it with gusto (and speaking of gusto–university is where I “learned” to drink beer)

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