The Importance of Sleep

Seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended for adults to function properly during the day. We complain sometimes that we haven’t slept or have slept for only an hour. We do not, however, complain that we barely got enough sleep. No one says, I only slept for seven and a half hours last night. Another thirty minutes, that would have turned my day around. Especially for college-aged adults, even six hours of sleep can seem like a blessing.

Lack of sleep, I suspect, is the reason housewives wake their husbands at midnight, clutching a kitchen knife or a paring knife or a butcher’s knife, depending one’s individual preference for knives. Lack of sleep is likely the reason they proceed to stab those men in the center of the ribcage, cut them into pieces, stuff them into the meat grinder, and spend till morning rubbing the floor with a bleach-soaked sponge.

So when we arise from perpetual slumber, a seven hour nap, our faces sagging with exhaustion, we should close our eyes again. We perhaps then we can know the importance of those two hours: the difference between “Good Morning” and a blade to the chest.


One thought on “The Importance of Sleep

  1. I gotta get on this. I really don’t sleep enough; 7 hours is a good night for me, 6.5 average and 5.5 bad. I hit snooze about 5 times every morning and hate getting up.

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