As Long as It’s November

November has finally arrived, quite possibly my favorite month out of the whole year, not in the least influenced by the fact that in a mere two weeks is my nineteenth birthday. Obviously, nineteen is the grand turning point, the entrance to adulthood only shallowly offered at eighteen. At nineteen, I will transform into someone so amazingly mature, I may grow a mustache  begin to wear glasses, and spend my Saturdays sitting in a lawn chair among whorling leaves completing difficult Sudoku puzzles.

But November brings with it also frigid winds that whip between the Charleston streets as if in chariot races. And costumes at parties worn by people who mistake Halloween for a week-long affair. And bushy beards grown in remembrance of testicular cancer. And wispy dirt ‘staches grown in remembrance of testicular cancer.

November brings Thanksgiving, at which I’ve hardly eaten turkey and so perhaps don’t understand the fascination of turkey. I prefer pasta.

Next Tuesday comes Election Day, when pundits from both sides have re-imagined Doomsday’s date and time to coincide with the election of either candidate. This all accentuated with “If you vote for him, the world will end” Madness which is only slightly worse than “The world will end” Madness.

November also hosts NaNoWriMo: yes, every year it comes and every year I’ll complain about all the opportunities it offers for budding fiction authors to explore their talents and produce work with the aid of other authors. How deplorable that this organization (you can find them at should encourage productivity and creativity throughout the month of November. Bummer, right?

But seriously, I competed roughly three years ago with the organization, and it proved a lot of fun. If you’re serious about your writing, just want to see what happens, or foresee a multi-million dollar book deal in your future, try your hand. You’ve got 30 days to write 50,000 words (what they call a novel, because typing 100,000 words in 30 days would be too much).

Whatever you decide to do with your November, whether that be grow a beard, write a novel, or craft personal birthday presents for me, I hope you have a great one. I will continue to work on “In Lickskillet” as well as my newest project (which I may talk about in future posts). Also, over the past months, my posting habits have decreased. I have grown invariably lazy and so, this month, perhaps I can turn all of that around. Attack “Word Salad” with a pen and a notebook and produce amazing, shocking, humorous, enlightening content for those people who choose to read it.

This month, you will see more of the “Poetic Life” series as well as more narrative posts! Exciting, yes?

Happy belated Halloween!


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