Staring at a Computer Screen Does Not Make You Productive, Study Shows

groogle-searchesWhile I have not yet blogged in 2013 and only sparingly over the past month, I have been incredibly busy and productive. I have a novel to edit and rewrite, remember? Also, I spent six days trying to figure out how to get through The Shadow Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Honestly, can anyone else say they have worked with as much diligence as I have?

More often than not, when we set goals for ourselves, we end up disappointing. Like, when I thought I would blog every day in 2013 but waited until the fourth day of the year to even log in to my WordPress account. Or that time I said, “I’m going to have this novel published by the end of 2011… I meant, 2012… I mean…. Ah.”

The truth is, I never get anything done when I mean to. I am a master procrastinator, wielding my deadly weapons of sleep, boredom, and Netflix. On the plus side, I have seen every film listed under the sub-heading “Goofy Stoner Comedy.” Whether or not there is an accolade for this, I’m not exactly sure.

Which brings me back to the idea of accomplishment. What makes us so lazy we never accomplish anything, especially the things we really want to do? I would pin that on fear, fear that we won’t succeed like we want to. It’s pretty easy being a famous-future-author when you’ve published diddly-squat. You just have to sit back and think what you’ll tell Ellen DeGeneres when she interviews you, how you would totally blow off Oprah (Just kidding, Oprah, please love me).

I am clinging to the idea of being finished, trying to scrape together the will and time to write, to edit. But some days, I would rather stick my head underneath a lawn mower. Some days, editing feels like actual work. Despite my lack of completion, I have made great bounds of progress with “In Lickskillet” as well as with a new project I wish I pursue post In-Lickskillet-publication.

Just keep your head up, your pen at the ready, and write, I can say to myself. Just write and write and write and write, and maybe eventually, it’ll all come together.


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