“Sunburn Blues”

Reality and gravity have lately

been doing a terrible job of keeping me down.

I’ve found my mind works smoother

when it’s in the clouds, when it’s floating free,

when it doesn’t know where it is

though it’s got no place to be.


Don’t call it summertime sadness:

it’s just the sunburn blues.

I’ve been feeling lately there are too many me’s

and not enough of you’s.


And my friends, they walk trails

that are taking them to the moon,

around the world,

or into oblivion.

I spend my days in books,

swimming, and writing poetry


I’ve been learning about self-preservation.

I’ve been learning that life cannot always be

an out-of-body experience.

I’ve been learning to be comfortable

in my own body.

I’ve been learning how to cook

mostly things with instructions

printed on the back of the box.

I’ve been learning about Japan in the 1980’s.

I’ve been learning about Immanuel Kant.

I’ve been learning about marksmanship

with bullets that do not kill.

I’ve been learning.


Let’s answer every news confidential we read

so that no one will end up lonely

or puppy unwanted

or lawnmower unfixed.


There is not a lot of forward motion.

I’m governed by a static presence,

a cycle of the same of the same of the same of the same

and maybe that’s just introspective B-S

or maybe the sunburn blues.


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