We Live Down the Hall from Good Vibes

You can feel the vibes—they live in your ears

and they party all night with music with heavy bass.

Some nights, when you’re trying to sleep, the vibes will rise,

they will eat microwave chocolate chip waffles,

then dance like lunatics in their bedrooms.


The vibes really enjoy shitty pizza,

preferably at two a.m. in the morning,

and typically, they do not like to

tip the middle-aged delivery man.


The vibes live next door, and they like to chill.

When you first met them, they ensured you

that they were fresh and cool, that they just wanted “good vibes.”

Then they littered the hallway with PBR aluminum cans

and play FIFA at top volume

and chucked glass bottles out the window on tourists.


The vibes dislike bathing and never go to class.

The vibes are fresh and cool,

they don’t want any tension.


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