I am Somebody, Not Just Somebody’s

Incredible words from a fellow world traveler. I have some of the same anxieties about my return home. It’s weird to think you’re leaving and will own stories you cannot ever properly tell.


I came home on Wednesday around midnight after a 22 hour travel day of seemingly good luck and Godspeed. Today is Sunday, not even a full week since I got back… And I’m struggling. Hard.

I knew coming home was going to be hard. I knew I would miss my beautiful international friends. I knew I would miss the freedom to do whatever I want and go wherever I want. I knew I would miss the childlike wonder that traveling brings. I knew I would miss the food, the sights, the culture, the constant moving and living and experiencing. I knew I would miss the cheap European travel. I knew all of these things. Study abroad blogs and websites and to-do lists have warned me this countless times.

They even warned me about the isolation I would feel, not being able to talk to people on a deep, relatable level…

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About Derek Berry

Derek Berry is a novelist and spoken word poet. Derek is the author of Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County (PRA Publishing, 2016). He co-founded and organizes The Unspoken Word, a literary non-profit based out of Charleston, SC, which provides an intendent home for the poetic arts through regular readings, workshops, and community fundraisers. He is on the Executive Board of the Charleston Poetry Festival, the inaugural production of which will be Fall 2017. His work has appeared in The Southern Tablet, Cattywampus, Charleston Currents, Illuminations, RiverSedge, and other journals.He has performed in venues across the United States and Germany. He has worked as a photographer’s assistant, busboy, and bookseller. He currently works at a curation facility for Cold War History.

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