Don’t Bite the Hand That Gives You Loads of Money

Now, I’m aware that a lot of publishing companies practice some crazy principles and are habitually slow and outdate. Which is why I’d prefer to be picked up by an indie group (also because the content of my book might be highly inappropriate for the majority of the reading public).

But this one guy, Sebastian Marshall, may have crossed a line. Read his rant here:

Basically, this guy badly bad-mouthed Simon and Schuster. Seriously, read this. It gives a grisly insight into all of the dirty going-ons at big publishers, but also… it probably lost Sebastian Marshall a job. But maybe he’ll get famous for going out with a middle finger. Only time will tell.

What do you make of this?

Would you ever give your boss the “F” off and then blog about it?

Mind you, his advance was 65,000, about 50,000 more than a normal advance.