Check Out My Newest Spoken Word Piece “Knockout”

Over the past two weeks, I’ve performed this one poem at about five different venues. Tonight, I have just arrived back from an open mic at Cafe Chartier in Lexington, SC. The video below is from last night’s performance at Sit-a-Spell Cafe in Augusta, GA. It is a fairly new piece called “Knockout” first performed at the Black Box Coffee House Show at the Aiken Community Theatre. Enjoy and leave your thoughts below. Tis the season of poetry readings and great thought.


Poems That Are “Whoa!”

Here are some of my favorite poems, spoken word. Listen to them and enjoy some of my greatest influences:

“Stop Signs” by Shane Kocyzan

“Compliment” by Rives

“V for Virgin” by George Watsky

“What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali

“Bluegrass” by Rives

“When She Doesn’t Sleep at Night, She Turns Manic” by my good poet friend, Catherine the Great. Check her out!

Remember to check out other spoken word poems as well!

Skinny Dipping with Strangers: Hip-Hop Remix

I perform Skinny Dipping with Strangers at Sit-a-Spell Coffeehouse. But THIS time, I include a rap interlude. Booyah!

Although the rap section will be omitted from the poem in my upcoming chapbook, I have written a few sections like that for poems. What I call, “Making poems like what modern music is.” Sometimes, poems have musical interludes, sometimes raps, but it seems like so many songs now feature rappers. Thus, I have done so in this poem.

Without further ado, here is the headlining poem, remixed hip-hop style.

Poem: Bare Knuckle Chalkboard Punches

This poem is for anyone who has ever been a teacher or been taught, who has ever been through the American education system and emerged alive. This poem is for you. Enjoy.

I read this poem last Wednesday at Sit-a-Spell Cafe which is located on Broad Street in Augusta. They hold an open mic every other Wednesday. and soon, I’ll be MC-ing. More on that later! For now, I hope you enjoy my work. Still working on getting an agent for my novel and publishing that book of poetry.

All of that news is uber exciting! I hope you enjoy the poem; please comment below.

Sometimes, I get very passionate while reading.