Un_Spoken Word

1512390_708251372542493_691187760_nThe idea came to fruition in late 2013 in a cafe called King Dusko. A couple coffees in, the idea became an event. In a month, The Un_Spoken Word has become more than an event, but rather a movement. This is the poetry revival Charleston needs, the injection of creativity and community wordsmiths have been craving.

Hosted by local Charleston poets Derek Berry and Khalil Ali, the event entails a bi-monthly open mic with special shows and featured artists. Soon it will include theme nights, poetry slams, rap battles, and collaborative performances.

We aim to create an experience that’ll leave you breathless, that will inspire you, that will inscribe inspiration onto your skeletal frame, that will make you come alive with poetry. We will strive to say the unsaying, root words from the Earth to explain the human condition, and create the poetic equivalent of  the Super Bowl.

The Un_Spoken Word is a vision. Envision with us. Join the Movement. Step up to the Mic. Share Your Voice.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnspokenWordsmiths


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